Matthias Riedl

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer - DCMN

E-commerce entrepreneur turned ad industry disruptor Matthias Riedl founded DCMN with one goal in mind: to make traditional TV campaigns trackable. Together with his long-time business partner Andreas Dengler, Matthias created DCMN with the mission of combining technology and media expertise to help digital businesses scale rapidly with trackable, ROI-driven offline and online campaigns.

At DCMN, he is responsible for strategic growth and manages key clients and partner relationships across the globe. Drawing on his rich history in the e-commerce space, he’s seen firsthand what it takes to turn a fledgling startup into a successful digital business – and the role that clever marketing plays in this process.

Before DCMN, Riedl founded and managed several e-commerce ventures, and previously worked as a product manager in the music industry. A pioneer in performance-driven TV ad campaigns in Germany and across Europe, DCMN has to date helped more than 90 digital brands achieve rapid growth.