Franziska von Hardenberg


Deliver fresh, seasonal flowers to everyone in the simplest way – this was Franziska von Hardenberg’s mission when she founded BLOOMY DAYS in March 2012, and with it, she pioneered the concept of floral subscriptions in Germany. Unbelieveable but true: until that point, there was no online platform on the German market that offered regular flower deliveries.

The simple, yet brilliant idea caught on fast. In just 93 minutes, Franziska managed to convince private investors to back her idea with 100,000 euros – a successful start for the young entrepreneur. Four years, two seven-figure financing rounds, one baby and numerous awards later, Franziska continues to lead the company to an undeniably bright future.

At twelve years old, Franziska was already dreaming about founding her own company, though it took her a little longer to get there. Born in Hamburg, she studied marketing and communications in Berlin and completed her Masters in Hungary and in the United States. After her studies, she worked for six years in the fashion industry, also leading operations for three Rocket Internet ventures.

But something was still missing. While tidying up one day, she stumbled upon a journal from her childhood and it was suddenly clear – the seed had long been planted for BLOOMY DAYS to sprout!